Compact Gear Motor (CGM™)

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Compact Gear Motor
Overview: CYCOGS’ advanced, modular, Compact Gear Motor replaces gear reduction assemblies. The ready-to-bolt-on module provides the driving force and supports 454 kg (1000lb) loads. Applications include robotics, conveyors, winches, pumps, fans and more. The drive is self-contained with a compact footprint and integrated, hi-tech motor coupled with a hypocyclic gear reduction. Since the axial length is less than 9.5 cm (3.75”), there is more design room and free volume compared to other gear drive designs which encompass large volumes. The CYCOGS Compact Gear Motor is the most compact servo motor gear reduction drive of its class and style on the market.
1. Compact: The CYCOGS Compact Gear Motor is a modular lightweight drive assembly for gear reduction uses. The design incorporates a compact DC motor with a space savings gear reduction.
2. Energy Efficient Hi-Tech Motor: Capable of producing a high power near 2000 watts for short periods. The lightweight, low inertia armature in the motor offers extremely high acceleration rates, and it takes less energy than most other motors to accelerate or decelerate. The light-weight non-ferrous disk motor is capable of constant torque throughout its rpm range. Because the motor can deliver full torque at zero rpm, it does not need the higher gear reduction ratios that standard motors require. When other drives operate at higher speeds, the motors run at much higher rpm’s than Cycogs motor, creating noise and vibration issues.
3. Bolt-on: Includes one simple load-bearing mounting bracket per unit, ready to bolt-on to equipment chassis. Then, simply connect two wires from motor controller to the motor. Optional encoders are available.
4. Specifications: Load 454 kg (1000 lbs.) Maximum per unit.
Max. Speed (RPM) Approximately 240 RPM.
Electrical 2 wire motor ± 0-24 V DC approximately 200 watts continuous (0.27 Hp), with short duration intermittent 2000 watts capacity. (2.7 Hp) Armature Inductance less than 100µH.
Gear Reduction Redundant Pair Hypocyclic 25-to-1 reduction. The hypocyclic or hypocycloid gear reduction consists of one gear migrating inside another gear. Driven by an eccentric cam Similar to Cycloidal or Harmonic gear reductions.
Overall Width 9.5 cm, depending on installation.
Outer Diameter 14 cm.
Bolt Pattern M8 x 8 equally spaced.
Weight Under 7.7kg (17 lbs.)
5. Engineered & Assembled in the USA. We, as an OEM, strive to use American domestic components wherever possible. Details covered in our patents.

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