Holonomic Intelligent 2-Wheel Assembly Module

An Advanced Wheel System

The patented Hi2Wam™ is an intelligent modular dual wheel drive assembly with a height adjusting suspension sub system. As a cyber-physical system, the Hi2Wam uses five motors, one motor for each wheel assembly, one for steering and two motors for height adjusting. With each Wheel Assembly (WA™) independently driven, holonomic movement capabilities are possible. The active suspension uses an integral load cell providing load and height control, depending on the implementation. The Hi2Wam CPS uses modular construction and implementation, with intelligent local embedded computer control. Installation is a simple bolt up with one electrical connection for power and communications.

The Hi2Wam system includes two wheels, the complete steering system, the load/lift system, all the servo amps, electronics and embedded computer controls, and the rotary electrical connection.

Engineered and Assembled in the USA. We, as an OEM, strive to use American domestic components wherever possible. Details covered in our patent #7789175.

Technical Specifications
Chassis Aluminum
Communications 100 Mbit Ethernet
Electrical Input power 72-96V DC 30A Maximum. Input power 72-96V DC 3A typical. 2-wire DC Power, 4-wire Ethernet
Height approx. 380 mm (≈ 15") (mid lift position)
Height adjust range 30 mm (≈ 1.2") standard
Height adjust speed 30 mm (≈ 1.2") per minute
Linear speed Maximum linear speed is similar to fast walking. 1.5 m/sec or approx. 5 ft/sec (≈ 60"/sec)
Load Individual Wheel Assemblies are rated at 453.6 kg or approx. 1000 lbs Max Load / load-cell 453.5920 kg or ≈ 1,000 lbs
Mounting bracket Extends above steering ring gear on flat plate
Weight 30 kg (≈ 65 lbs)
Wheel diameters 200 mm or approx. 8"
Wheel treads For indoor use, red colored UV-Resistant polyurethane. Wheel tread is replaceable. Wheel tread can be custom ordered for outdoor applications.
Wheel widths 24 mm or approx. 1"
Width 200 mm or approximately 8"
Vertical axis rotation Unlimited continuous 360° rotation (steering axis)
Vertical axis rotation speed Steering axis rotation speed maximum 30 RPM @ 6000 RPM motor. For a 90° steering direction change, the minimum time is 0.5 sec.
4-DOF X translation, Z translation, Φ rotation, Θ rotation

Options (May not be required for some applications. Some items available through Cycogs or your supplier.)
Built-in Custom length cable Distance from top of Hi2Wam to controlling computer
Fixed height Hi2Wam Applications may not need load or height control
Hi2Wam maintenance kit Hi2Wam lubrication and tread maintenance
Spare wheel treads May be needed if high usage on abrasive surfaces

Pricing: Please contact us for a quote.
Delivery: 4-6 months depending on quantity ordered and inventory.

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