Robotic Base

The medium sized robot base features some of our patented and patent pending technology.  The robot base houses the three Wheel Assembly Modules (Wheel Assembly Module) providing holonomic movement capabilities.  The base also provides room for three battery bays.  The full base unit can operate as a basic robot.
Applications can vary, the robot base is designed to perform work or services.

Robot base design specifications:

Chassis:                       Aluminum
Diameter:                     700mm  (27.5")
Height:                         620mm  (24.5") (mid lift position)
Ground Clearance:     50mm    (2")      (mid lift position)
Estimated Weight:      150kg+   (330lbs+)
Battery Power:            3 packs,  48V each
Wheel Diameter:         200mm   (8")
Dynamic Load Capacity per Wheel Assembly Module: 455kg (1000lbs)

The CYCOGS Mobile Robotic System full base unit is not available at this time.
The base chassis is available, consisting of only the aluminum chassis.

The three required Wheel Assembly Module systems are found here.

Advanced orders may be accepted,  please contact sales for more information.

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