Sensor Ring

The rotary sensor ring (Sring™) cyber-physical system shown in red consists of a intelligent modular rotating sensor platform featuring some of our patent pending technology. Additional sensors are added as needed. 

For sensing, this robot uses two modular sensor rings (Sring™) capable of selectively set position placement, track, scan and rotation movements.
Please note that the modular Sring system is capable of continuous direction independent rotations.

Basic Sring design specifications:

Chassis:                      Aluminum
Lower Diameter:         700mm  (27.5")
Lower Height:             100mm   (4")
Upper Diameter:         400mm  (15.75")
Upper Height:             100mm   (4")
Internal Battery:           48V

The sensor ring system is not available at this time. 

Advanced orders may be accepted,  please contact sales for more information.

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