Snake Arm Robot (HYSA / Snarm)

The CYCOGS intelligent hybrid snake arm robot module (HYSA™ / Snarm™) cyber-physical system consists of a rotating module with a snake arm embedded in and around the module featuring some of our patent pending technology. 

Two rotary positionable modular hybrid snake arms (Illustrated extended in an over and under configuration) provide manipulator capability.
Please note that the modular (HYSA™ / Snarm™) system is capable of continuous direction independent rotations.

Basic (HYSA™ / Snarm™) design specifications:

Chassis:                      Aluminum
Module Diameter:       700mm  (27.5")
Arm Diameter:            100mm   (4")
Module Height:           150mm   (6") (mid lift position)
Estimated Weight:      30kg+    (66lbs+)
Internal Battery:          48V
Per Arm Max Reach:  2M          (6.6')
Per Arm Max Load:    100kg     (220lbs)

The snake arm robot module is not available at this time.
Advanced orders may be accepted,  please contact sales for more information.

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