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CYCOGS Featured Mobile AI Robotics Products

CYCOGS® brand Compact Gear Reduction Motor Drive (CGM™)

Compact Steering Gear Motor picture. Compact Gear Motor top view picture. Compact Gear Motor side view picture.

Experience the exclusive CYCOGS Compact Gear Motor (CGM™) for robotics and actuators intentionally using an integrated gearbox and a powerful servo motor, like a harmonic reduction drive, but without the exorbitant costs.
Our compact gear reduction motor drive prominently uses a hi-tech electric servo motor.  Great for your cost-controlled, automated manufacturing machine components.  Perfect for your next automation or robotic actuator project. Efficient, heavy duty yet compact. 
Find out more here:  CGM™

CYCOGS® brand Electric Wheel Assembly, the Motorized Drive Wheel (WA™)

Wheel Assembly Side view picture. Wheel Assembly side view picture. Wheel Assembly thumbnail view.

The compact CYCOGS Wheel Assembly (WA) replaces long axle-based wheel motor designs or transmission-type electric wheel assemblies.
Its compact!  CYCOGS intentionally used no belts, chains, axles, or long-gear train components in the WA’s unique design.  The CYCOGS WA comes powered with a powerful high-tech motor - robot actuator coupled to an axel-less hub reliably using a compact embedded, redundant hypocyclic gear reduction.
This operates efficiently like the motor-driven harmonic drive reduction wheel systems found on some Martian Rovers, but without the tremendous costs.
This exclusive WA servo motor mobility product is perfect for effective use in mobile robotics, like for AIG, AGV, AMR, UGV, powered carts and other vehicle designs.
Find out more here:  WA™

CYCOGS® brand Robot Emergency (E-Stop) System (RESS™)

Robot Emergency Stop Switch picture view.

The RESS is an emergency stop switch system designed for assured safety and proper protection by interrupting power to electronic, components, motors and complex systems.
This Robot Emergency Stop System is not only useful, required or even mandated for Robotics (like mobile and arm robots) it can equally protect other control systems and automated systems like manufacturing systems and complex machines.
The entry-level for such a CYCOGS Robot E-Stop System (RESS™) is typically Power (battery or power supply) the protected powered Load components (your Robot and Controls) the Robot E-Stop System, plus a manual On/Off switch or proper connect/disconnect. 
Find out more here:  RESS™

CYCOGS® brand Medium Sized Robot Base (MSB™)

the CYCOGS MSR uses 3 Hi2WAM units Hi2WAM and MSB Base picture MSB Base picture

The innovative CYCOGS Company is progressively developing an Artificial Intelligence enabled Autonomous Medium-Sized Mobile Robot Base (MSB™) seamlessly incorporating many of our novel subsystems we invented.  This intelligent robot platform design naturally provides exceptional mobility and a large payload capacity.
Find out more here:  MSB™

CYCOGS® brand Medium Sized Robot (MSR™)

Autonomous Medium Sized Robot picture Snake Arm with the MSR picture Snarm Snakebot picture

The brilliant CYCOGS Company is carefully developing a Medium-Sized Robot (MSR™) properly incorporating many of our novel intelligent subsystems we intentionally created.  The CYCOGS MSR™ properly incorporates our MSB™, Medium-Sized Robot autonomous mobile Base design and our extremely flexible, compliant snake-like intelligent robot arms (Snarm) for an eminently capable Artificial Intelligence based Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR - AI-Robotics).
Find out more here:  MSR™

CYCOGS Featured Mobile AI Robotics Services

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