Hybrid Mobility

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Mobile Robotics which operate on a floor or ground usually employ wheels, but other combinations do exist.  Tracks, Legs, Wheels and others, combined together to make new modes of movement.

This is the case for Hybrid Types of Mobility.

Hybrid Mobility Drives

Hybrid mobility  drives are combinations of other mobility types.  We will cover some other mobility types.  One Hybrid Mobility type combines legs with wheels, which offer some truly unique mobility options.  Using wheels and legs together offers benefits over just one type of mobility.  Some designs are well integrated, others are simply add-on parts. 


The combination makes these hybrid mobility systems.  These typically operate using   2 DoF   in the   X-Y   directions in a   3D   work space, thus they are not Holonomic.

Degrees of Freedom


The “Roller-Walker” robot, uses four legs with un-powered wheels.  This allows walking and wheeled “skating”.  (Non-Holonomic)

“Roller-Walker”, Link The Halluc II, is a unique robot that uses eight legs with active wheels. This allows multiple modes of walking and wheeled movements.  (Holonomic)

Halluc II Link

Other examples are of biped robots with driven wheels on its legs.  Proving again, wheels are hard to beat.  (Holonomic)

Link of Boston Dynamics Robot

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