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CYCOGS staff would like to assist our customers, the robotics industry, and users alike.

The CYCOGS® Company offers many pages of Additional Resources and Information for supporting those interested in, and using AI Robotics.  Find AI Robotics resources in events, links, education and more.

AI Robotics Links:

The CYCOGS® Company maintains a list of some web sites links that you may find interesting, or you may have overlooked.  Please check out the AI Robotics resources, external Website Information Links we routinely visit as sources for information and news on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and more.


Find some interesting CYCOGS Mobile Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Multimedia images and videos here.

Software and Firmware:

Please find updates for your CYCOGS Mobile Robotics equipment and Artificial Intelligence Software and Firmware here.

Robot Registry:

For robotic registration that is mandatory or even optional, Please Register your Robots and find updates for your equipment at the CYCOGS Robot Registry.

AI Robotics Events:

Check out some selected upcoming Mobile Robotics and Artificial Intelligence events you may find interesting.  CYCOGS Robotic AI Events

Education and Classroom:

Learn more about AI Robotics from the CYCOGS® Company with our Education and Classroom topics.


Find Product and Service News, plus Stories at the CYCOGS Press Room Portal.


Explore our selected list of AI and Robotics Terms used in our official website and in the AI Robotics Industry. CYCOGS Dictionary of Terms

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