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Is the CYCOGS® Wheel Assembly (WA) bolt on ready? Yes, depending on your chassis and applications.  You may need to fabricate brackets or drill some holes in your vehicle / Robot chassis.
On the WA, can I use a different electric motor? Yes, some motors may be suitable, but the motor may not be as compact.
Does the WA™ have a mechanical brake? The WA using some controllers can perform regenerative braking.  The WA has no other braking ability.
What is the CYCOGS® Hi2WAM? This is the CYCOGS intelligent Holonomic Dual Wheel Assembly Module.
How many CYCOGS® Hi2WAM™ units are needed for a Robot or other vehicle? The minimum is one Hi2WAM, the maximum is depending on the system design.
What is the maximum number of Hi2WAM units per vehicle controller / channel? The maximum is 254 Hi2WAM units per vehicle controller / channel,  and we will give your purchase a nice discount!  Note that you can have more than one controller.
Must the Hi2WAMunit be operated off a battery? No, but it needs the proper DC power for operation.
Can I purchase the wheel drive portion of the Hi2WAM? Yes, we offer just the wheel and motor section of the Hi2WAM for such uses as in Differential drive robots, motorized carts, etc.  This is the (WA) product.
On the CYCOGS® (RESS) product, how much oversize capacity should I start with? We suggest you factor in a 2-3X capacity.  If your system was initially sized for a 15Amp DC circuit, and you are near 10Amps, feature creep and other accessories may put you over the safety margin.
On the (RESS) product, how will I know if I trip a breaker or blow a fuse? If a circuit protection device opens up to stop the flow of power, that system will stop working.  If this is a concern, CYCOGS has REES options that can indicate the open status on circuit interrupters.  Please discuss this with Sales when placing your order.
The CYCOGS® (CGM) product, while at a great price point and very compact, is not as precise as the Harmonic wave spring gear motors? The CGM uses Hypocyclic gear reduction verse the Harmonic gear reduction.  This gear reduction design was not intended for applications requiring very low backlash and precise positioning but where a more compact size (and price) was important.
What is a Robot Base? (The Robot base or platform) is the lower portion of most Mobile Robots, typically housing the drive and batteries.
What is a Drive or Mobility Drive? The Drive  /  Mobility Drive is the sub-system comprising wheels and motors for movement on the surface or floor.
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