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For essential information on contacting the CYCOGS®, LLC Company. 

Please consider the information below.

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The CYCOGS® Company normal business hours are 09:00  – 17:00  CST, M - F.

Our mailing address is:

CYCOGS,  LLC  PO Box  662,  Sauk City,  WI  53583-0662

Contact:  Send questions and comments about this web site to the CYCOGS® Contact.

Please E-Mail us at the CYCOGS Company.

(Our preferred method of contact is by e-mail)

We do use the telephone for direct communication, but we promptly stopped displaying prominently our phone numbers due to SPAM calls, harassment calls and Robo calls.

Harassing Calls

E-mail works best,  as we can correctly get your correct e-mail address and please,  if you could include your contact information, proper spelling and correct phone numbers.  In your e-mail, please include some details,  so we can provide a more appropriate response on how to help with your contact with the CYCOGS® Company.

Thank you for visiting our CYCOGS® Contact Us Here page. Please include in your email: 
Contact information, like as your proper name, company, telephone, and E-mail. Urgency level of the specific project, and a brief description of your intended project.

The CYCOGS® Company looks forward to hearing from you.

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