CYCOGS® Brand Recalls Returns Licenses

Check out CYCOGS® Product Information on Recalls, Returns, Return Material Authorization (RMA), and License Information and Agreements.

Product Recalls

Lab Return photo.

The CYCOGS® Company as an AI Robotics Manufacturer naturally understands problems can invariably occur.  If we positively identify a problem, and the needed repair is beyond a simple customer in-house fix, we may offer a product recall of the affected product.  Customers experiencing problems or having issues, please contact Customer Service for proper help.
This may apply to products Out of Warranty.

License Agreements

CYCOGS® software, depending on the system and application, may have Software License Agreements.  These may be between a manufacturer of the software systems and components.  For example, some operating systems from Microsoft or a Linux distribution typically have license agreements outside the purview of CYCOGS.  The CYCOGS® Company is not responsible for other companies’ products or their licensing.  The CYCOGS® Company own written or generated software remains the intellectual property of CYCOGS LLC.  And the user is licensed to utilize the software in accordance with our Software License Agreement.  Please read and agree to the CYCOGS software license documents for the software product you are using, or the CYCOGS supplied software that came with your specific product. 
License information or questions must be directed to:

License Support E-mail:

Return Policy, RMA

The CYCOGS® Company understands that our products may need to be returned to the CYCOGS® Company for repair-evaluation and / or repairs.
ALL Returns must have a valid CYCOGS® Company generated Return Materials Authorization Number (RMA).
ALL returns must also be properly packaged and shipped.  The CYCOGS® Company is not responsible for improper or marginally packaged returns and or possible damage in transit.  If your product arrives in a damaged state, you will be responsible for the additional costs in repairing the damage from the shipping process.  For Warranty repairs, and also for Out of Warranty repairs, please review the Recalls, Returns and License Agreements web page for CYCOGS® Brand Customer Service to start the RMA process.

RMA Support E-mail: