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The CYCOGS Sales page facilitates your purchase of CYCOGS® brand Products and Services, as well your customer service needs.

Please choose between AI Robotics products or for Consulting help.
Please see our CYCOGS® sales information on our CYCOGS products that have a build quote cycle.
Also see our information covering Sales Offers, Sales Terms and Conditions, including Warranty and Marketing.
Post-Sales Support at the CYCOGS® company includes many Customer Service Options, such as Servicing and Warranty coverage help, as well as options covering product Reuse, and what to do when products reach the end of its service life, including recycling and trade in options.
As with any Sales efforts, our goal is to provide you with great products that you will be happy with, and to keep you happy for future sales and service.  For potential customers who review or evaluate our products and find the CYCOGS offerings close to what you are looking for, please let us know how or what we can do to adjust or modify to suit your needs.
For sales inquiries, please E-mail us at:
Sales E-mail:
Support E-mail:

Our experience shows email is best for finding the right initial help, we will be glad to talk you and get the right people with the correct information to you. 

Please see the following CYCOGS sales channels:

Customer Service:  Customer Services and Customer Support.
Connect with our customer Service and Support department, find your order status, even help if you forgot your customer password.
Get help with product quotes, product build outs and ordering, shipping costs, and payment methods.
Please check here for questions and information on our Sales Terms and Conditions.
We strive to make our products last.  Proper maintenance is key for the products to reach full potential.
When your product requires service, look here to get help with Service and Maintenance issues covering any Service Options, to ordering replacement parts, RMA information, and to track your repairs.
Find deals and special Sales Offers on CYCOGS products and services.
Please check here for general warranty information and Product Warranty requests. Some products have different warranties and terms.
Find more information on how the CYCOGS® company’s marketing efforts can improve your products marketing position and also how it can help your marketing campaigns and plans.

Money Grows

When available, look here to get a deal on pre-owned and refurbished sale products.

What to do with old systems?  You have more options besides the dumpster or recycling.  Please see our equipment end of service life options.
Project or prototype complete?  Thinking of Re-use and Re-tasking of equipment after a project?  We can help.
Our trade in center may allow you to recoup part of your investment, from CYCOGS products to other select AI/ Robotics company products.

You can contact CYCOGS Sales here: Sales Inquiry’s
Sales E-mail:
You may find other CYCOGS® Resources listed here.
Please see the CYCOGS Legal page for information on Intellectual Property (IP) and other legal information.  The Legal page for the CYCOGS® website covers legal disclaimers and the CYCOGS website conditions for using this website and its TERMS OF USE.
Our Sales Portal and Information for CYCOGS purchases can point you in the direction needed for selecting our products.
Contact:  Send questions and comments about this Sales Portal and Information for the CYCOGS web site to the CYCOGS® Contact E-Mail.