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Please review our Information on the CYCOGS® Company Website Legal Information Portal.
In this location you will find Information covering the CYCOGS® Company Privacy Policy Statement and Privacy Notice, the use of Website Cookies, the Website Terms of Use and Disclaimer document, and End User Security Policy.
Please consider the CYCOGS® Company Legal page for information on Intellectual Property (IP) and other legal information.  The Legal page for the CYCOGS® Company website covers legal disclaimers and the CYCOGS® Company website conditions for using this website and its TERMS OF USE.  Furthermore, this has Information on the CYCOGS® Company Intellectual Property (IP) and user restrictions.

CYCOGS Legal disclaimers

The CYCOGS® Company website includes several mandatory policies in effect if you access, use or visit this website or its materials. 

Please review this information.  Your access, use or visit of the CYCOGS® Company website or materials constitutes acceptance of these TERMS OF USE and related POLICIES and you thereby  AGREE TO FOLLOW these POLICIES and TERMS.
The CYCOGS® Company in good faith attempts to maintain a user-friendly web site while protecting the CYCOGS® Company and the Users rights.  The CYCOGS® Company periodically adjusts its user policy’s as recent guidelines, threats and language become available.  The CYCOGS® Company is not liable for any errors or omissions in its polices, website or user interactions.


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