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The CYCOGS® Company understands that as robotics become more prevalent, robots will require the protection of numeric identification, licensing, registration and insurance.

Why license robotics?

The most fundamental aspects are ownership and responsibility.  Having a licensed and registered AI Robotics system can clearly define who owns the equipment which is important for theft recovery, insurance and maintenance.  Much like your automobile.  Having a registered robot can help insurance ratings and offer some peace of mind in the event your robot is stolen;  recovery may be possible.  From the law enforcement angle, having your licensed aerial drone may prove your drone was  "NOT the one we are looking for"  as related to some infraction or crime. 

Licensing and the (RIN) Robot Identification Number

Check out CYCOGS Product Information on License Information. 

Licensing will evolve much like the automotive world is using the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

Robotics will use an RIN (Robot Identification Number).  Additionally, RIN numbers will require standards to signify a manufacturers designator, model, year, and major features incorporated in a unique ID number.  The RIN number. 
Harri Luuppala at in 01/15/2018 had developed an RIN format. 
This format is found at 

This Robot Identification Number (RIN) format design by Harri Luuppala of Pulu Robotics OY, who has waived all copyright or neighboring rights to the Robot Identification Number Worldwide. 
Licensed:  CCO, in the public domain.  Developed as a Global Standard, please refer to his published document. 
RIN Version  A, 31 digits.
Digit   Type  Description  Notes
3 [A - Z]  Country code  ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
4 [0 - 9 A - Z] \ [IOQ]    Manufacturer Identifier    Numbers and Capital Letters, Except I, O, Q!
6 [0 - 9 A - Z] \ [IOQ]   Robot Attributes  Numbers and Capital Letters, Except I, O, Q!  Manufacturers may decide how to use.
2 [0 - 9]  Model Year  Last two numbers of the model year
2 [0 - 9]  Model Month  two numbers of the month
2 [0 - 9]  Model Day  two numbers of the day
3 [0 - 9 A - Z] \ [IOQ]   Plant Code  Numbers and Capital Letters, Except I, O, Q!
6 [0 - 9]  Sequential Number  The Serial Number.  Manufacturers may decide how to properly use this field.
1 [0 - 9 A - Z] \ [IOQ]   RIN Version Code  Capital Letters, Except I, O, Q!
2 [0 - 9 A - F]  Check Sum  Calculate CheckSum8 Modulo 256 using formula:  Sum of Bytes %256/ (Hexa)  Use a checksum calculator.

The CYCOGS® Company has modified the RIN format in the Robot Attribute and Sequential Number fields for our brand registration.
RIN Version A, the RIN code is 31 digits long.  This is uniquely the CYCOGS Version.  (01/01/2023)

Digit   Sub-Digit   Type  Description  Notes
3 [A - Z]  Country Code  ISO 3166-1 alpha-3. Here in the United States,  the code  = USA
4 [0 - 9 A - Z] \ [IOQ]    Manufacturer Identifier    Numbers and Capital Letters, Except I, O, Q!  Using 4 digits, CYCOGS  = CYCG, or your company, or Self, Home, Educ, Univ, Govt.
6 [0 - 9 A - Z] \ [IOQ]   Robot Attributes  Numbers and Capital Letters, Except I, O, Q!  Manufacturers may decide how to use.
6 1 Autonomy  A = Fully Autonomous, B = Basic Autonomy, L = AI Logic Based, N = None, S - Semi Autonomous
6 2 Mode  F = Fixed, M = Mobile, S = Software, V = Virtual
6 3 Robot Type  A = Arm, D = Different Utility types – “window washer, pipe inspection, wire inspection“, E = Equipment Based, F = Flying/Aerial, G = Outdoor Ground, M = Misc. or other types, S = Space, T = Top of Indoor Floor, U = Underwater W = Surface Water
6 4 Mobility Type  H = Holonomic, N = Non-Holonomic
6 5 Control Type  C = Central/Off Board, E = Embedded On-Board, P = Pre-Programmed, R = Remote Control
6 6 Power  A = APU, B = Battery, F = Fuel, T = Tethered, R = Remote
2 [0 - 9]  Model Year  Last two numbers of the Model Year. For 2023  = 23
2 [0 - 9]  Model Month  Two numbers of the Model Month. First month  = 01
2 [0 - 9]  Model Day  Two numbers of the Model Day Manufactured. First day  = 01
3 [0 - 9 A - Z] \ [IOQ]   Plant Code  Numbers and Capital Letters, Except I, O, Q!  CYCOGS is based in Wisconsin, D = Dane or S = Sauk County.  = WID
6 [0 - 9]  Sequential Number  The Serial Number,  Manufacturers may decide how to use.  (NUMBERS ONLY!!)
6 1 Model 1 = Automobile, 2 = Robot Base, 3 = CGM / Mechanicals, 4 = Differential Drive Robots, 5 = Hi2WAM, 6 = MS Robot, 7 = Sring / Sensors, 8 = Snarm / Arms, 9 = WA / Wheels
6 2 Color (Industry Resister Color Code Standards)  0 = Black, 1 = Brown, 2 = Red, 3 = Orange, 4 = Yellow, 5 = Green, 6 = Blue, 7 = Violet, 8 = Gray, 9 = White
6 3 Voltage 1 = 5 – 6 VDC, 2 = 9 – 12 VDC, 3 = 15 – 24 VDC, 4 = 24 VAC, 5 = 48 VDC, 6 = 96 VDC, 7 = 120 VAC, 8 = 240 VAC, 9 = > 100 VDC
6 4 Serial Number First Digit
6 5 Serial Number Middle Digit
6 6 Serial Number Last Digit numbers only!  We are not expecting to manufacture more than 999 per day for a while.
1 [0 - 9 A - Z] \ [IOQ]   RIN Version Code  Capital Letters, Except I, O, Q!  This may be less than useful.  = 1
2 [0 - 9 A - F]  Check Sum  Calculate CheckSum8 Modulo 256 using formula:  Sum of Bytes %256/ (Hexa)  Use a checksum calculator.

CYCOGS Robot Identification Number (RIN) Examples.

Example, CYCOGS products: MSR
USACYCG  AMTHEB  230101WID  665  001  12C
Example Hi2WAM
USACYCG  SMTHCT  230101WID  525  001  149
Example WA
USACYCG  NMTNRT  230101WID  924  001  15c
As a specific example, the CYCOGS Medium Sized Robot (MSR).
CYCOGS represents a United States company, so our Country Code is  USA.
CYCOGS is abbreviated to four digits as  CYCG.
The MSR robot attributes include:  A  Autonomous
M  Mobile Robot
T  Indoor Top of a floor operation
H  Holonomic movement and arms
E  Embedded On-Board computing
B  Battery power
Select a date, say January 1st, 2023.
Year  = 23
Month  = 01
Day  = 01
Plant code:  CYCOGS is located in Wisconsin, with plant options at Sauk or Dane Counties, Code  = WID
Sequential number, Model  = 6 MSR
Color, let's say mostly  Blue = 6
Voltage, uses 48VDC Power Packs,  = 5
and let's say it's the first one manufactured that day,  = 001
RIN version number  = 1

This adds up to a pre-checksum number of  USACYCGAMTHEB230101WID6650011.
Next you need to run this ASCII data string in a checksum calculator to compute the CheckSum8 Modulo 256 value.
We use the for this.
At the checksum calculator, plug in the value  USACYCGAMTHEB230101WID6650011  into the "ASCII Input" field, and click the  "AnalyzeDataAscii"  button.
You will see a series of calculations.  Note the  "CheckSum8 Modulo 256"  calculation is  2C.
Append this to the pre-checksum RIN number and you have the completed RIN number of  USACYCGAMTHEB230101WID66500112C.

Please contact CYCOGS for more specific information, or if you wish CYCOGS to manage your RIN numbers.


Check out CYCOGS Product Information on proper registration information.  If you acquire an older robotic system, registering it can provide a Robot Identification Number (RIN) to you.  This specific RIN number will be based on the manufacturer, model, year built, major features, and the manufacturers serial number.

Commercial Robotics Insurance

The CYCOGS® Company earnestly recommends that AI Robotics and Automation users/owners/lessee purchase commercial robotics insurance for the protection of their AI Robotics, Automation investments, as well as protecting their assets and ongoing business concerns from loss and liability.

As the Robotics insurance industry evolves, the effective use of a Robot Identification Number (RIN) will enable insurance companies to accurately rate and correctly determine liability rates for insurance coverage. 

A robotic digital tape backup library system should not have the same insurance rates as a large jet powered Area Drone carrying 1000 gallons of fuel.  Like any technology, there is a risk of damage and loss relating to the AI Robotics Automation due to rare failures such as in equipment, software, programming, including human factors like human negligence.  To reduce such risks of financial loss affecting the company, lessee and or owners using AI Robotics equipment, taking out robot insurance represents a necessary expense.  Your insurance company policy should equally protect against third-party damage, as such a risk is possible during normal robot operation.  Humans/People  (plants and animals also)  can undoubtedly do the unexpected and may not recognize the peril or the possible damage that could occur.

The Purchaser/Operator/Lessee/Owner of the AI Robotics Automation System is typically responsible for its operation and its use.

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