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The CYCOGS® LLC Company, is a privately held, B2B (Business to Business) B2C (Business to Consumers) and B2G (Business to Government) Company.

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The CYCOGS® LLC Company, is a Wisconsin Limited Liability Company located in the Midwest, specifically in the south-central region of Wisconsin near the high-tech hub of Madison. 

The new Cabin

The centralized CYCOGS location is almost midway between Chicago and Minneapolis.

Winter is not so bad

The innovative CYCOGS® Company was properly established in 2004 from the Robotics Division of Delphinus, LLC to promote the exclusive CYCOGS® brand of advanced autonomous mobile robotics. 

This represented over 10 pivotal years of Delphinus Robotics intellectual property research and product development work.

The old Cabin was too small

CYCOGS® is enthusiastically conducting the extensive development and modern implementation of general purpose intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robotic (AMR) systems and Cyber Physical Systems (CPS), Machine Learning (ML) and the Internet of Things (IoT) systems technologies.

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The CYCOGS® Company technology comprehensively covers many unique items like our modular Cyber-Physical-Systems (CPS) for effective use in the consumer, business, education, research, health care and government agency markets.  Key technologies focus on the sophisticated computer and complex electronics/photonics fields, coupled with innovative software properly utilizing the various tools compatible for integrated systems with a selected bias toward mathematical, database-oriented solutions.

Soldering a wire

More "About Us" at the unique CYCOGS Company, we additionally offer consulting services in these technology areas.  Subsequent developments will typically use the broad AI/Robotics knowledgebase, including education institutions, and by uniquely combining complex science, art and creative imagination, we can efficiently solve your robot needs and ultimate goals.

The CYCOGS® Company earnestly strives to form strong lasting customer partnerships with unyielding standards and proper ethics.  We naturally focus on product quality, excellent reliability, and remarkable ease of use, while correctly solving the customers’ specific needs in Automation/AI/Robotic applications.  Our customer support typically lasts long after completed installation and proper training.

Innovative Business Meeting

We pay attention to the intricate details, as to completely understand the potential problems and key issues faced by the customer to reliably produce the most effective solution, even leading to system customizations for our customers.

Our experienced management team is carefully composed of devoted members with many specific skills, like in art, business, engineering, mathematics, physics, software and notably of course, AI-Robotics.

US NOAA staff at work

CYCOGS is also collecting mobile robotics systems and is strategically planning a small robotics museum.  We tentatively plan to post images of some of our classical favorites and some unique examples in the foreseeable future.

The CYCOGS® Company invariably has various functional AI Robotics capacities and manufacturing resources.  We have carefully developed specific hardware and software typically ranging from custom gears to custom electronics.  If we do not have capacity or necessary expertise for a complex project or key part, we will obtain reliable sources for it.

Modular Robot Gears

The CYCOGS® Company properly employs many exclusive suppliers for specialized machining, surface treatments and various hardware suppliers from OEM’s to EBay.  We do keep an eye out for innovative products, but please, do not contact us to see precisely if your valuable product or essential service was somehow overlooked. 

The CYCOGS® Company remains a private company, owned by the longtime principals.  We have not sought any prospective investors, so far and we do not live off Government Grants.  We do intuitively recognize a time when we need to properly find the valuable right fit for our intended goals.

Carefully Built in Wisconsin with Wisconsin Parts and from U.S. and Foreign Parts.

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