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Need to automate, but lack the funds?  Robot technology can be expensive.  But not investing in robots could end your business.

CYCOGS® RobotLeasing (Lease Financing and Management) of Robots, Robotics and Automation Equipment is similar to the features of managed vehicle Leasing.  (Automotive)  The CYCOGS® company is an experienced Robotics company, and may be able to facilitate getting the robotics you need.  Robot Leasing provides options for financial flexibility for companies to use a robot or robot system and if leasing-to-own, leads to a path to ownership.  Robot Leasing, as with any lease type, minimizes the initial investment, allowing you to retain your capital, and preserve your credit lines.
You as the Leaser still are responsible for timely payments and equipment care.  You are not free from repossession and actions from lease violations.  Leasing and management of autonomous mobile robots is our specialty.  We are also experienced with several types of traditional Industrial, Research and other robot arms uses.  The CYCOGS® company was created in 2004, and is a robotics company participating in leasing and financing robotic equipment.  Leasing options may enable you to obtain robotics with a lower initial capital investment.  Your robotics contributes to your business bottom line, the productivity increases and resulting income must cover operational costs and leasing payments.  When the CYCOGS Robot Lease Agreement (RLA)comes to conclusion, depending on the options and lease type, the robot may get returned to the CYCOGS® company (the Leaser), or becomes the property of your company.  If your lease type is a Lease to Own, your robot can continue generating profit until its operational lifetime has been reached.
Leasing optimizes your revenue flow and can reduce your tax burden.

Companies that look to Automation may find it gives your business the productivity and improvements to production, and by leasing robots can remain competitive in spite of economic or labor issues.

Robotics long term benefits occurs only if the end users manage the required maintenance and servicing, and keep up with the consumable’s usage

The CYCOGS® company offers this management in its leasing agreements.  Ultimately this should lower operational costs allow you to minimize recruiting and maintaining your human workforce.

Robotics management requires highly qualified technical robot support personnel.  Customers (leasers) may need to provide technical programming, robot job teaching, basic maintenance and consumables replacement.  Routine operation of robots can be controlled and monitored by both parties via the Ethernet and/or via the Web.

The initial and subsequent robot job training / programming and system integration is unique for each customer, and may or may not be included in the lease agreement.


Commercial Robot Insurance

The CYCOGS® company recommends that AI Robotics and Automation users / owners purchase commercial robotics insurance for the protection of their AI Robotics, Automation investments, as well as protecting their assets and ongoing business concerns from loss and liability. 

Like any technology, there is a risk of damage and loss of the AI Robotics Automation due to failures such as in equipment, software, programming, including human factors such as human negligence.  In order to reduce such risks of financial loss affecting the company and or owners and leaser using this equipment, taking out robot insurance is a necessary expense.  Your insurance company policy should also protect against third party damage, as such a risk is possible during normal robot operation.  Humans / People can do the unexpected and may not realize the peril they are in, or the damage that could occur.

The leaser is responsible for the Insurance covering the robotics equipment and covering the risks associated with AI Robotics Automation.  If you are leasing from the CYCOGS® company, it is mandatory that the CYCOGS® company is named as the Lien Holder in the insurance policy in the event of equipment damage or loss.

The Operator / Leaser (purchaser) of the AI Robotics Automation Systems, is responsible for and assumes all liability and agrees not to hold the CYCOGS® company responsible or liable.

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