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The CYCOGS® Company staff carefully maintains an extensive list of some AI Robotics Website Links we routinely visit. 

These are sources for information and news on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and more which you may find interesting or you may have overlooked.

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Association for Advancing Automation  (A3)

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence  (AAAI)

Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing  (ARM)

Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International  (AUVSI)

Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium  (AVCC)

Convolutional Architecture for Fast Feature Embedding  (CAFFE)

Museum of Robotics and AI history  (Cybernetic Zoo)

Field Robotics Forum  (FR)

Robot Simulator and AI trainer  (GAZEBO)

IBM Artificial Intelligence  (Watson)

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society  (IEEE-RAS)

International Federation of Robotics  (IFR)

Intel Neuromorphic and Probabilistic Computing  Loihi (INRC)

Open-Source ML framework by  Keras

Robotic Nation

Open-Source Machine Learning  (ML.NET)

The Mobile Robot Guide  (MRG)

Open Neural Network Exchange  (ONNX AI)

Open interoperable Artificial Intelligence components  (OpenAI)

Open-Source Computer Vision Library  (OpenCV)

Open software and hardware for use in Robotics  (OpenRobotics)

Open Robotics Control Software  (ORCSOS)

Open community of Robotics and AI  (Robohub)

Association for Advancing Automation  (A3 Robotics)

Robotics Business Review  (RBR)

Congressional Robotics Caucus  (CRC)

The Robot Operating System  (ROS)

SERVO Magazine

Society of Robots

Open-Source ML framework  (TensorFlow)

The Robotics Report

Stephen Wolfram - A New Kind of Science and  Cellular Automata

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