CYCOGS® Brand Product Refurbish, Reuse, and Recycle information

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The CYCOGS® Company understands the product lifecycle and we can assist you achieve the best ROI and the most attractive options at the products End Of Life.  (EOL)  Products attain the EOL stage for various reasons:  Age, change of business needs, damage, upgrades, wear, etc.

We strive to make our products last.  Proper maintenance is key for the products to achieve the maximum potential.  But once products are at the EOL, you retain some options.

Post-Sales Support at the CYCOGS® Company includes options for when products approach the end of its service life  (End of Life - EOL).  These EOL options include Trade-In, Refurbishment, Reuse, Resale and Recycling.  (disposal)

Equipment Re-use:

Project or prototype complete?  Thinking of Re-use and Re-tasking of your CYCOGS equipment after a project?  We can help.  If you “inherited” a project and it contains CYCOGS Brand equipment or components and you need help in implementing them, please contact us.
We may be able to provide you with support, documentation and other help.

Equipment End of Life

What should you do with old systems?  With the CYCOGS® Company, you have more Equipment End Of Service Life options besides the dumpster or recycling.

Trade Ins / Resale:

The CYCOGS Trade-in / Resale Center may provide an option to recoup part of your investment.  CYCOGS may offer an option to trade in your old equipment, ranging from CYCOGS products, to other select AI/ Robotics company products.  To find out more, please contact the CYCOGS® Company at our Sales e-mail address which include Trade-ins.  Please include information on the quantity, condition and some photographs to commence your process of evaluation. 
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The CYCOGS® Company can refurbish your CYCOGS equipment and return it to your service.  We strive to keep our equipment in service, and offer product refurbishment to keep your product running.  Our refurbishment process will take your equipment, disassemble it and replace worn out components.  We offer flat rate repairs, or Time and Materials repairs.  You may find a better value in a Time and Materials refurbishment if lightly used, or if damaged or heavily used, the flat rate option.
Please contact Sales and list the quantity, product and condition for a refurbishment quote.
Shipping is not included.

Recycle (disposal)

The CYCOGS® Company recommends recycling as the last option.  This option does offer the fastest way to dispose equipment.  It may not offer the best Return On Investment (ROI).  Most products in normal wear retain some value.  If your product is severely damaged, say melted into a puddle from a fire, it’s a disposal.  CYCOGS products may contain valuable metals, such as rare earth elements.  Few if any environmentally constitute a hazard, unless ingested.

If any questions on post-sales support such as recycling or refurbishment a CYCOGS product, please contact CYCOGS Support at:

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Please contact us for Refurbished, Reuse, Recycle and information on CYCOGS products at Sales here:

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