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CYCOGS® consulting covers such areas as:
AI Robotics Consulting Mobile Robotics, Industrial Robotics,  (such as the typical arm solutions and Co-Robots)  Aerial Robotics and Automated Machines.
CPS  IoT  Systems Cyber-Physical Systems  (CPS)  and Internet of Things  (IoT)  systems.
HMI, AR, VR Consulting Human  /  Machine Integration  (HMI),  Human Machine Interface  (HMI),  Augmented Reality  (AR)  and Virtual Reality  (VR).
AI Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence  (AI)  and Machine Learning  (ML)  systems.
System Administration Computers, networking and Information Technology  (IT)  systems administration.
Refurbished Reuse Recycle Equipment reuse and disposal.

See what the CYCOGS® consulting process can do for you.  For new clients, we can start with an informal call or overview meeting to set out your requirements.  Subsequent meetings with you and your staff and determine your plans and objectives.  CYCOGS staff will then send out a preliminary proposal.  We will follow up with preliminary proposal details like project quotes, contract, services and custom preventive maintenance programs to make sure we are on the correct path.  If you agree, we will submit a detailed proposal for your approval.  Once agreed upon, we will move toward implementing the proposed plans using the systems and software suitable for the project.  On most projects, we will invoice monthly and at major milestones.  When the project is considered completed, we can provide a detailed summary and an overview presentation of the project at the same initial billable rate.  For projects requiring ongoing administration and maintenance, we look forward to continuing to work with you. 

Many of CYCOGS® dedicated talented staff are robotics / automation experts.  While having broad knowledge, they are aware of other technologies, vendors and approaches to help our clients succeed.  We do manufacture our own product lines, we do acknowledge CYCOGS products are not the end all, do all, and guaranteed perfect fit for your needs.  We are not married to a technology type, vendor or integrator.  Your project may need an assortment of systems, not just the one companies line up.  If you need assistance and creative solutions and do not want integrator  “xyz”  pushing the  “xxyyzz’s”  manufacture’s product line that they have an exclusive territory over, then let us help you past such a narrow focus.  If we can find a good out of the box solution, we would recommend it. 

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CYCOGS staff can help you with your automation planning, design, implementation, programming and maintenance to become a trusted advisor and partner.  CYCOGS staff can work with vendors, in-house manufacturing, assembly and testing for optimal manufacturing process solutions.  If your current solution needs improvements and a better cost-effective ROI, improved safety and productivity, see us first. 

The CYCOGS® company has been in the AI-Robotics business since 2004.  The CYCOGS® company has experience ranging from off the shelf products to prototype robotics ranging from customized gear manufacture to customized sensors.  We do not claim to have experience in all cases, or detailed knowledge in everything.  If we cannot find an acceptable solution, we have a network of technical and service connections.  CYCOGS engineering talent in Hardware and Software is available on site or remotely for consultation. 

When an organization needs a technology change ranging from new technology upgrades and migrations, involving one small system up to large mission critical systems, it is essential to avoid unscheduled outages and loss of data or manufacturing output.  Sometimes the cost/benefit analysis will require such losses.  Understanding and planning can determine the best approach.  CYCOGS staff is experienced with many major projects, and is familiar with the needs, timelines and project complexities, while managing potential downtime and pitfalls.  The CYCOGS® company is in a unique position as being a robotics manufacturer and also providing consulting services to get a unique view of different industries and different approaches to find and select options that address an organization’s needs and goals. 

Best practices when applicable are used, but if circumstances warrant, are adjusted.  The trend of software and computer popularity have moved on from personal computers, mobile and the cloud to Automation and AI Robotics.  In this growing area the best of breed products such as what is most popular is not yet known, but historically will be based upon software ecosystems in use now.  Standardization still has its place, but nimble agile development is part of the planning.  Your project will determine how the team scales and integrates a business solution that empowers capital and users alike.  Your organization’s needs, security, privacy, data ownership, project guidelines and testing procedures will determine the quality of the outcome and that the development will reach its targets.  Feature creep and changing goals do occur, the CYCOGS® company uses several methods to control problems while balancing risk and costs.  As complexity rises, so must its testing.  Documentation, management and customer feedback are important considerations to avoid costly problems after implementation.  The life cycle of the solution can be enhanced by using more versatile components during design, implementation and project management.  Effective pilot function testing and collecting test metrics will insure proper control of the project insuring it fulfils the envisioned purpose. 

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If you require our consultancy experience on a defined project basis, contact the CYCOGS® company to discuss developing the right solution for you.  We provide exceptional services to all size of businesses.

Our support options vary with the needs of your organization, depending on your needs, risk tolerance and Service Level Agreements  (SLA)  requirements with proactive and reactive maintenance and upgrade support.  The CYCOGS® company can offer onsite or offsite hourly support packages, annual or complete  24/7  coverage. 

CYCOGS training with safety in mind provides your staff with the knowledge they need to perform at levels ranging from novice to professional levels.  Get started now, please contact us now.

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