CYCOGS® brand of Mobile Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Products and Services.

The CYCOGS® Company has carefully developed enabling technology and innovative products for successful use in your unique projects and valuable products, OEM and VAR. 

Currently, our key AI-Robotics products and outstanding services are divided into electrical, mechanical, software and consulting categories.

The CYCOGS® Hi2WAM Mobility Module Hi2WAM is functionally an intelligent holonomic modular dual wheel drive assembly with an extraordinary height adjusting suspension sub-system for use in dexterous wheeled mobility.

Hi2WAM dual wheel assembly Photo

For the ultimate vehicle or robot mobility, you properly require our dual wheeled Mobility product, which is unique and will positively enhance your successful design and enhanced capabilities. 

Instantly find the Hi2WAM Mobility Module here. 
This intelligent integrated system is superior for AI Robotics!   The Hi2WAM Dual Wheeled Holonomic Drive System was made possible by the stylish Wheel Assembly (WA) we carefully developed. 

The CYCOGS® Wheel Assembly Module (WA) is fortunately a reliable compact, modular, ready-to-bolt-on single wheel motorized sub-system for beneficial use in wheeled mobility. 

The WA - single electrical wheel drive system is extremely versatile and can be wonderfully adapted for many robotics types, AGV and other non-automated vehicle types.  This modular component will help your integrated mobile project.

Driven Wheel Assembly back picture

Find more here on the (WA) please click here.  This innovative product undoubtedly represents a welcome choice for OEM and VAR engineers thoughtfully designing mobility products.

If you cannot properly find a reasonably priced competitive Compact Gear Module short of NASA/DOD specifications and fantastic prices? 

The CYCOGS® electric Compact Gear Motor (CGM) is functionally a modular compact gear reduction drive and motor assembly for use in rotary motion. 

We carefully developed our Compact Gear Motor (CGM) for just such potential applications. 
Find out if the CGM will instantly solve your next servo drive design needs.

Compact Gear Motor side view picture Compact Steering Gear Motor image

The CGM typically remains a key component system for integrated automated projects.

Modern-day automation is fallible.  Safety can be problematic and emergencies can occur. 

The CYCOGS® RESS (Robot Emergency Stop System) is typically used to meaningly improve the safety in machine systems with E-Stop system needs or specific requirements. 

The CYCOGS® Company has developed properly the safety/emergency switch system for robotic and automation applications. 
See precisely if our Robot Emergency Stop System (RESS) can work splendidly for your specific application, project, or developed prototype.

Capable Robot Emergency Stop Switch basic form View Big Red Stop button picture

The RESS instantly adds a specific level of operational safety to OEM and VAR control systems and of course, mobile robots.  Even useful in fixed industrial arm applications.

The CYCOGS® Company is progressively developing a Medium Sized Robot (MSR) naturally incorporating many of our novel subsystems we carefully developed. 

Medium Sized Robot and Hi2WAM by CYCOGS Modern Snake Arm and MSR picture

This medium sized hi-capacity mobile robot naturally uses a six-wheel holonomic drive system with an active suspension system built off our AI Robotics Medium Sized Base (MSB).
In addition, the autonomous Medium Sized Robot (MSR) seamlessly incorporates an ingenious semi-autonomous rotating Sensor Ring system. 

Hi2WAM and MSB Base picture

The Sring (Sensor Ring) uses sensor fusion and scanning abilities to tremendously expand the effective use and extensive coverage of expensive sensors. 
Find out more here on the Sring. 
Plus, the CYCOGS® mobile Medium Sized Robot (MSR) features intelligent, semi-autonomous dual hybrid Snake Arms (Snarm).  These Snake Arm robotic systems are co-located on controlled, rotating platforms for a very strong load capacity and large arm working envelope, also enabling the arms to store themselves inside the robot’s body. 
Please look at the Snarm robot arm system here.

Modern Snake Arm and MSR image

Besides the Medium Sized Robot, the CYCOGS® Company is progressively developing other robot types.  

Typically using Artificial Intelligence (AI) based mobile robots using differential mode steering. 
Please click here for more valuable information.

CYCOGS® experience in AI Robotics, ML, CPS and IoT can generously assist you, your innovative company and our dedicated staff can invariably manage new challenges, a solution where everyone mutually benefits. 

Our artificial intelligence autonomous mobile robotics experience plus consulting services, your successful project. 
Find out more on how we can efficiently serve you here.

Unsplash CD Water complex image

CYCOGS® undoubtedly knows sophisticated computers and almost all facets of IT, our modular robots are comprised of several self-contained dedicated servers and dedicated computers on a local network with mobile Internet connectivity. 

For such Information Technology (IT) integrations, we know and typically use the current generations of Microsoft® servers, Exchange, SQL, Azure, XG, UTM firewalls, switches, routers, and etc.  If you need help to properly connect your automation to your network infrastructure, we can undoubtedly help. 
Click here, for IT consulting service from a responsible company who assuredly knows AI Robotics and sophisticated Automation Technology.

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CYCOGS® OEM engineered products and developed systems are skillfully designed, made/built and assembled in the state of Wisconsin, USA.

The CYCOGS Company endeavors to knowingly use US domestic components whenever possible.  Some of the key components may be sourced from the only available manufacturer, which may be owned, created, or delivered from other countries.  The CYCOGS® Company is a voluntarily privately owned, 100% United States of America Company, and is geographically based in the state of Wisconsin.

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