The Fantastic CYCOGS® brand, hybrid Snake Arm Robot system (Snarm)

The CYCOGS® intelligent hybrid snake arm robot module (Snarm / HYSA) Cyber-Physical System (CPS) typically consists of a rotating platform with a snake arm embedded in and around the platform module featuring some of our patented technology.

Medium Sized Robot and layout picture Snake Arm and MSR arm extension image Snarm Backbone linkages

The image shows two rotary positionable modular hybrid snake arms manipulators  (Illustrated extended in an over and under stacked configuration)  providing holonomic movement capability. 

The principle function of the Snarm platform is to orient or point the robotic arms in and about the area surrounding the central mounting axis of a mount or in this example, a mobile robot.

Snake Arm Floor to Ceiling work space image

Please note that the modular (HYSA / Snarm) system is capable of continuous 360-degree vertical axis rotation, including directional and varying speed independent rotation, intentionally creating a huge working envelope and strong load capacity. 

This also incorporates our Compact Gear Motor (CGM) drives and our RESS emergency safety systems.

Please note:  Absolute positioning and repeatability specifications are not comparable to traditional fixed industrial arms bolted to immovable concrete footings, as the compliant arms and functional connectivity to a mobile platform with an active suspension on possibly soft uneven flooring may make precise arm operations less than accurate.

The CYCOGS® Snarm system typically contains numerous sensors, and additional sensors can be embedded. 

Such embedded sensors may include tactile, load, force, orientation, accelerometers, vision, and other sensors. 

One Snarm robotic arm platform can cover 360 degrees as the robot arm platform rotates on the vertical axis.  The Snarm system is capable of many arm placement movement types, like rotary position, arm storage inside the robot, tangential and spiral arm extensions, including other rotation enabled arm movements.  Furthermore, the snake arm portion curls in on the platform for storage inside the robot body’s footprint.  No substantial protruding parts in harm’s way.  The Snarm can also employ “outputs” and end effectors, including automated tooling changing.  Additionally, end effector tooling can be located on the system or an external rack.

Snake Arm storage inside Robot body, and Arm Extension image

The CYCOGS® Snarm comprises a self-contained system with an onboard rotational drive, embedded battery enabled UPS, embedded computer/s signal processing and positional controls. 

External power and ethernet TCP/IP client/server communication are typically supplied by a wired connection.

Potential applications can vary, the CYCOGS® Snarm is platform designed for a 360-degree vertical axis, expanding the arms X,Y, Z working envelope, useful for Robotics, control, surveillance, guidance, monitoring, manufacturing, AGV, self-guided vehicles, etc. 

One Snarm application is naturally for a warehouse product picking and inventory control where a pick and place operation between two isles and a loading cart transporting product/materials.  Other applications undoubtedly include manufacturing, cleaning, sorting and some light assembly among other tasks.

CYCOGS® Hybrid Snake Arm (Snarm / HYSA)

Design Specifications:
Module Chassis: Aluminum
Module Diameter: 700mm  (27.5")
Module Height: 150mm  (6")  (Mid-lift Position)
Estimated Weight: 30kg+  (66lbs+)
Snarm Platform removal: Yes, depending on the size and preferred options.
Arm Diameter: 100mm  (4")
Per Arm Max Reach: 2M  (6.6')
Per Arm Max Load: 100kg  (220lbs)
End Effector Tooling: Automated and Manually Installed.
Vertical Axis Rotation Rate: 60 RPM Maximum
Positional Accuracy: 0.5 Degrees
Data transfer: 1Gb/s Ethernet
Sensors Included: Positional and Loading.  Additional sensors not included unless specified and purchased by the intended customer, plus an integration fee.
Internal Battery and Power: 48V
Power Use: Vary depending on Movement and Payload.

Some specific features may not be available depending on the specific configuration and integration.  Arm options vary, ranging from coated-padded, uncoated, high speed, hi load, etc.

Suggested sensors include Vision/cameras, Radar systems, LIDAR systems, Ultrasonic / Sonar systems, Environmental monitoring systems, Auditory systems, etc.

An example order would be a 400mm diameter Sring, full motion, onboard UPS and embedded computer, with one color Vision camera, one scanning LIDAR sensor, one directional sound sensor and one IR sensor.

Please note:

The CYCOGS® Snarm system is not waterproof or properly made for extended outside use or in wet or condensation prone environments.  In addition, the Snarm system should not be operated in an excessively dusty or combustible or other hazardous environments. 

Although the CYCOGS® Snarm innovative snake arm and platform systems are compliant in its fluid movements, when in operation, Snarm systems may result in unexpected movements, personal and property damage may occur if used in an unsafe fashion or unsuitable environment. 

Proper operation, safeguarding, programming and training, among other tasks are recommended.  Numerous pinch points are possible with the Snarm’s movement and should be considered in its use and implementation. 

In addition, kinetic energy issues may arise when a snake arm is extended straight out at maximum rotation rate, which equates to an end effector tip speed of 56 KPH  (35 MPH).  [Faster than most human boxers throwing a punch.]

Proper end-user design, operation, safeguarding, programming and training, among other safe operation tasks and safety procedures are recommended and are the end-user’s responsibility.  OEM manufacturers and other purchasers of CYCOGS products and systems, as the purchaser, assumes responsibility and potential liability for safe implementation and use of these CYCOGS products and systems.

Please contact us here at the CYCOGS Company if you encounter additional questions or environmental application needs.

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The CYCOGS® Snarm project is under ongoing development and offered in advance as a customized manufactured system; Standard models may not yet be available at this time.  As the CYCOGS development effort in core technology and key concepts continues, the CYCOGS Company reserves the right to progressively change some specifications and data or is not available or suitable for widespread dissemination for all products.  Pre-production information is not fully available for some specific products at this time.  Sensors, customizations and other integrations may result in an additional cost.

For a story about the CYCOGS® Snarm, please refer to its story here.
For a Snake arm and Snarm tutorial on the CYCOGS Snarm, please see its education page here.

Liability Disclaimer:

The CYCOGS Company is not liable for the use, installation, performance or fitness of this component or system.  Your purchase properly indicates you fully assume the risk of its proper use and its subsequent installation and end user training and potential liability.  The CYCOGS Company patented intellectual property is strictly enforced and carefully protected.  The CYCOGS Company warranties the systems it sells from component defects or hardware failure for the period of one year after completing the purchase.

Please specify your design requirements for quotes and purchase.
Advanced orders for the fantastic CYCOGS® brand, hybrid Snake Arm Robot system (Snarm) may be accepted, please contact CYCOGS sales for more information.

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The CYCOGS® Company strives to intentionally use American domestic components whenever possible.  Some of the key components may be sourced from the only available manufacturer, which may be owned, created or delivered from other countries.

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