Protect yourself and your robotic equipment with the CYCOGS® brand, Robot Emergency Stop System (RESS)

The CYCOGS® brand Robot Emergency Stop System RESS is a manually operated Emergency stop or E-Stop is a device or system to stop and interrupt system power for shutting down an operating system and / or vehicle-system electronics.  (Stopping activity)  The RESS is a circuit interrupter designed and available for several power levels.
The CYCOGS® company, as an OEM supplier has created this E-Stop system for OEM manufacturers, hobbyist, consumers, and other uses.  As an engineered system, your system requirements will determine the design specifications for the RESS, as one size will not fit all cases.  The CYCOGS® company provides you with a system to meet your design goals using high quality components, generous over capacity and yet a cost-efficient solution.

Robot Emergency Stop Switch view RESS Robot Emergency Stop System Overview


You as the end user or OEM, must insure the proper operation, maintenance, instruction and configuration.  Placing the emergency control shutoff switch in a poor location will yield poor results.  An emergency switch that is not actuated (pressed) in an emergency is uselessThe purchaser and end users assume full responsibility and liability for the safe usage and operation of the emergency switch.  For example, if your system doubles its power capability, the RESS must be updated also.

This is a custom order system / device, as each application is unique.  Use our selector to pick your system on the technical specifications page.  If you do not see the combination you need, let us know.

Robot Emergency Stop Switch Basics

A basic circuit. Power and a load.

Robot Emergency Stop Switch Basics

A basic circuit. Alternating Current (AC) Power and a load.

Robot Emergency Stop Switch Basics

A basic circuit. Direct Current (DC) Power and a load.

Robot Emergency Stop Switch Basics

We can expand this cicuit to make it safe, by adding a fuse. This prevents a fault or short or excessive load power from damaging the system, its components and wires.

Robot Emergency Stop Switch Basics

We can expand this cicuit some more by adding a switch to turn it on or off.

Robot Emergency Stop Switch Basics

We can make this cicuit more user friendly by using an Emergency Stop switch to turn it on or off.   This typically is a large, color coded push button switch that locks in the "Off" position.  The basic idea is a large, visable switch you have actuate in an emergency, and know the switch will remain off until its manually reset.

Show a sloppy implementation – wires twisted on, sloppy, house light switch, twisted wires with tape, bad wires, poor labels, sloppily written)

Please note:

The CYCOGS® RESS system is not waterproof or made for extended outside use or in wet or condensation prone environments.  In addition, the RESS system should not be used in an excessively dusty or combustible or other hazardous environments. 
Although the RESS protected systems may result in unexpected movements, personal and property damage may occur if used in an unsafe fashion or unsuitable environment.  Proper end-user design, operation, safeguarding, programming and training, among other safe operation tasks and safety procedures are recommended and are the end-user’s responsibility.  OEM manufacturers and other purchasers of CYCOGS products and systems, as the purchaser, assumes responsibility and liability for safe implementation and use of these CYCOGS products and systems.

Please contact us here at the CYCOGS company if you have additional questions or environmental application needs.

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The CYCOGS® RESS project is under development and offered in advance as a customized manufactured system, standard models may not yet be available at this time.  As the CYCOGS development effort in core technology and concepts continues, the CYCOGS company reserves the right to change some specifications and data or is not available or suitable for public dissemination for all products.  Pre-production information is not fully available for some products at this time.  Sensors, customizations and other integrations may result in an additional cost.

Liability Disclaimer:

The CYCOGS company is not liable for the use, installation, performance or fitness of this component or system.  Your purchase indicates you assume the risk of its proper use and its subsequent installation and end user training and liability.  The CYCOGS company patented intellectual property is strictly enforced and protected.  CYCOGS company warranties the systems it sells from component defects or failure for the period of one year after purchase.

Please specify your design requirements for quotes and purchase.  Advanced orders may be accepted, please contact CYCOGS sales for more information.

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The CYCOGS® company is a privately owned, 100% American company and based in the state of Wisconsin.
CYCOGS OEM engineered products and systems are designed, made, built and assembled in the state of Wisconsin, USA.
The CYCOGS company strives to use American domestic components whenever possible.
Some of the components may be sourced from the only available manufacturer, which may be owned, created or delivered from other countries.

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