CYCOGS® Data Security Policy

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Please review our Information in the CYCOGS® Company Website Legal Information Portal.

At this location you will find Information covering the CYCOGS® Company Privacy Policy Statement and Privacy Notice, the use of Website Cookies, the Website Terms of Use and Disclaimer document, and End User Security Policy.

Please see the CYCOGS® Company Legal Page for information on Intellectual Property (IP) and other legal information.

The Legal page for the CYCOGS website covers legal disclaimers and the CYCOGS® Company website conditions for using this website and its TERMS OF USE.  Furthermore, this has Information on the CYCOGS® Company Intellectual Property (IP) and user restrictions.

The CYCOGS® Company website is a secure, certificate based, Digitally encrypted HTTPs website. 

Customer data is not stored on this website and correspondence with the CYCOGS® Company is by E-mail, which is also not stored on this website.  Any breach of this web site will not reveal any customer data, as none is on the web site.  The CYCOGS® Company does not employ or retain any user entered data on the website.  Any user related data on the website consists of ISP generated generic connection logging.  No customer owned intellectual property or documentation is stored on this website.  Using confidential information in a manner not stipulated in the CYCOGS® Company policy is not allowed.  No privacy information data is collected and saved for future uses.
Please note:  The CYCOGS® Company is not liable for any real or faked E-mails including such issues as lost, fraudulent, Spammed, Spoofed or infected E-Mail that you may receive.  The CYCOGS® Company is also not responsible for web sites or E-mails using similarly sounding web domain names.  An example of such domain names includes:,  cycogs.CN, etc. If in doubt, is hosted at  IP address #
At the CYCOGS® Company website, we do not collect your website visit information other than standard generic ISP server logs and Search Engine Analytic Services.  The CYCOGS® Company does not use any outside ad services.  The CYCOGS® Company does not use special tracking cookies containing your personal information.  The CYCOGS® Company security and privacy standards will alleviate your concerns when you browse our website.  Any ISP connection data is retained on the web site no longer than necessary.
If any CYCOGS® Company use of website Cookies does occur, the cookies are merely for the functionality of the website.  Some sections of the customer log on pages may use a cookie.  However, no user information other than the website customer number and encrypted password is on this web site.  The CYCOGS® Company website customer number information represents just a number;  no customer identifiable information is associated with it on the web site.  This CYCOGS website customer number is generated off site and given to the users securely, along with the associated password.  Any possible breach would yield some random looking numbers and encrypted passwords giving access to other parts of the web site that in addition do not contain any customer identifiable information.  Password resets are also handled outside of the web site.
The CYCOGS® Company does not use any “Session Logon Security” type cookies with confidential user information.
Information entered in the CYCOGS® Company web site is confidential.

The CYCOGS® Company will not use your name, address, telephone or email information (your personal information) for purposes other than to contact you.  In addition, we will not lease, rent, sell or otherwise distribute our customer information unless directly related to ongoing business operations.  Such a business-related disclosure could be disclosing your shipping address to a shipping company like UPS of FedEx in order to deliver a product to you.

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For further Information, please see the CYCOGS® Company Website Terms of Use.
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