CYCOGS® Employment opportunities

The CYCOGS® Company work force in Mobile Robotics and Artificial Intelligence remains an important part of our business to help you. 

Our dedicated staff are experienced and technically competent in their fields.


As with any company, personnel may be needed for expansion, growth and even special projects.

Our staffing needs are:
[Currently, no Job Openings, please do not email us]

When the CYCOGS® Company announces open positions, please send your CV or Resume to:

[Currently, no Job Openings, please do not email us]

Some specific positions may require a background check, reference check,  and possibly a confidential to secret security clearance.

The CYCOGS® Company is a drug free, smoke free workplace.  New employees must pass  E-Verify  checks and ongoing random drug and alcohol tests  to remain in our drug free work place.

Please  do not send us unsolicited  Curriculum Vitae’s and Resume’s, they will not be looked at.

We at the CYCOGS® Company naturally encourage the study in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  (STEM) 

For the CYCOGS® Company is a technology company in the AI Robotics Automation fields.  With a STEM background, you can excel and find new opportunities in the promising future of AI Robotics and Automation.  We recognized and appreciate the intelligence, drive and work required to do STEM.

The Moon

As a technology company, we look to automate processes and resulting requirements for work and employment at CYCOGS.  We are not looking for staff in professions or jobs that we have or would automate,  such as in accounting, office management, financial planning, web design, linguistics, historical and political science searches, social and community organization, education, and the list goes on.

Please E-mail us at the CYCOGS Company.

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