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Altitude Control Chamber for Simulations  (ACC)

The  Altitude Control Chamber (ACC) series  is an advanced computer-controlled simulator of atmospheric effects of temperature, pressure and relative humidity.  High performance systems allow very fast changes to the conditions inside its test chamber.  The ACC Chambers are suitable for Aviation and Weather Simulations.  Chamber sizes are generally under 8 cubic feet. 

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This test chamber contains numerous sensors and controls for monitoring your testing. 

Such sensors may include temperature, Humidity, Pressure and other sensors. 

Altitude Control Chamber Specifications

The altitude control chambers are typically customized to order.  Customer needs determine the chamber design, specifications and features.  Test parameters and the chamber specifications are engineered to deliver a quality system. 

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Chamber Sizes Options:
(May not be required for some applications.  Some items available through the CYCOGS Company or your supplier.)
Standard Chamber By special order such as 60.96cm x 60.96cm x 60.96cm (24" x 24" x 24")
Chamber size ranges S1049cu cm to 1812278.18cu cm (64cu " to 110592 cu. ")
Door Sizes Application will determine
View ports Application will determine
Environmental Range (an example)
Temperature Maximum 93C (200F) (Typical)
Temperature Minimum -56C (-70F) (Typical)
Temperature Change Rate 30C / minute (both directions) (Typical)
RH Minimum Near 0% RH dependent on temperature and pressure
RH Maximum Near 100% dependent on temperature and pressure
RH Change Rate 20% / minute (both directions) (Typical)
Pressure Maximum 1.15 Bars (1.136atm) (862.5 torr) (33.96"Hg)
Pressure Minimum 50 mBars (0.0194 atm) (37.5 torr) (1.476"Hg)
Pressure Change Rate Pressure 800 torr / min. Vacuum 760 torr to 100 torr 1 minute. 100 to 37.5 in 5 minutes
Chamber Construction Test chamber constructed out of stainless steel. Various finishes are available.
Chamber heat exchange Provided by outer wall (external) or a heat plate (internal).

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Option 1 Air Circulation fans.
Option 2 Electronics feed-throughs
Option 3 ESD protection

Relative Humidity The standard setup is in a 22.8°C (73°F) room. 
Please contact us for details and suggestions.
Option 1 Below 10% operations
Option 2 Above 95% operations  - Condensing water may result in erratic results.

Temperature Control The standard setup exchanges heat to ambient room conditions using two stage chillers and electric heaters.  Working Fluid  Dependent on conditions and chamber design. 

Power Typically, 240 VAC 3 phase 50A 60Hz
Auxiliary inputs Room condition recording.
Vacuum pumps exhaust vent Vented outside required.
Option 1 House vacuum if available, may be used.
Nitrogen Supply Nitrogen Purge
Air pressure House Air Pressure may be used.
Distilled water Distilled water systems
Water drain Water drain systems
Option 2 Analog phone line
Option 3 Network connection
Option 4 Printer
Option 5 Alarms


Actual placement requires extra room around the units 
Test unit  Dependent on requirements 
Utility cart  Dependent on requirements 

System configuration and specifications may change without notice. 

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Altitude Control Chamber  General Description

The ACC is an advanced test chamber used to simulate atmospheric conditions.  Variables include controlling pressure, temperature and relative humidity for testing and evaluating properties of materials, processes and systems. 

An electronics test lab certifying their product.
A research organization testing material properties.
An aerospace company simulating systems performance.
An electronics company testing for moisture effects.

Test Types

The environmental tests can be conducted using various environmental conditions. 
Relative humidity profiles include steady state, steady state plus steps, square wave with ramp control (trapezoid), 

Chamber details

The environmental chambers are barometric pressure compensated, to protect your long duration testing with changes in the weather.  Significant errors can occur if this aspect is ignored.  RH probe calibrations  can also be an issue, backup measuring systems may be needed if this is a critical parameter. 
Long duration testing,  depending on cycle rate and amplitude may require pauses for maintenance on systems without redundant vacuum pumps and RH probes.  Some high-performance systems may require the use of exotic  (expensive)  working fluids. 
Distilled water used in the RH production will need to be replaced as water vapor is removed from the chamber by the vacuum pumps.  Nitrogen purges may also be required for cold dry systems,  as condensation will form ice in some working fluids. 

ACC Chamber Inside Photo


The ACC has numerous subsystems.  The power is distributed through a high current sub-panel located in the utility cart.  This power is used for such systems as the vacuum pumps, chillers and heaters.  Numerous sensors allow the system to interface with the computer.  The computer is a current generation running Microsoft® Windows operating system.  The analog interface electronics uses 16-bit or higher precision. 


The Microsoft® Windows® based HMI  (Human Machine Interface)  software controls the ACC.  Concurrent multithreaded processes ensure high level of performance and self-monitoring.  The software is custom designed for this machine.  Basic data storage is in the form of an ASCII text comma separated values (CSV) file that can be read by any software that can read a text file. 
One option is to store the data in a Microsoft® SQL Server® data storage system.  The custom software also semi-automates sensor calibration.  Data can be played back with a second program using a similar screen for review or demonstrations. 

Please note:
The CYCOGS ACC Chamber systems are not waterproof for outside use or in wet or condensation prone environments.  In addition, the ACC systems should not be used in an excessively dusty or combustible or other hazardous environments.  Personal and property damage may occur if used in an unsafe fashion or unsuitable environment.  Proper end-user design, operation, safeguarding, programming and training, among other safe operation tasks and safety procedures are recommended and are the end-user’s responsibility.  OEM manufacturers and other purchasers of CYCOGS products and systems, as the purchaser, assumes responsibility and liability for safe implementation and use of these CYCOGS products and systems.

Please contact us here at the CYCOGS Company if you have additional questions or environmental application needs.

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The CYCOGS® ACC system projects are under development and offered in advance as a customized manufactured system, standard models may not yet be available at this time.  As the CYCOGS development effort in core technology and concepts continues, the CYCOGS® Company reserves the right to change some specifications and data or is not available or suitable for public dissemination for all products.  Pre-production information is not fully available for some products at this time.  Sensors, customizations and other integrations may result in an additional cost.

CYCOGS reserves the right to make, from time to time, such departures from the detail specifications as may be required to permit improvements in design of its products.  Components made under military approvals will be in accordance with the approval requirements.  The information included herein is believed to be accurate and reliable.  However, CYCOGS assumes no responsibility for its use;  nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties that may result from its use. 

Liability Disclaimer:

The CYCOGS Company is not liable for the use, installation, performance or fitness of this component or system.  Your purchase indicates you assume the risk of its proper use and its subsequent installation and end user training and liability.  The CYCOGS Company patented intellectual property is strictly enforced and protected.  The CYCOGS Company warranties the systems it sells from component defects or failure for the period of one year after purchase.

Please specify your CYCOGS® brand, Test Equipment, the ACC Chamber, design requirements for quotes and purchase.  Advanced orders may be accepted, please contact CYCOGS sales for more information.

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