CYCOGS® Company Robotics Museum review of the B21

The CYCOGS® Company presents a review of the Real World Interface RWI companies B21 robot system.  The RWI company became iRobot, who just merged with Amazon. 

An introduction to the RWI B21 mobile robot

The Real World Interface / iRobot B21 robot is a rather famous historic model in the Robotics Industry.  Many academic research facilities and institutions found at Universities, Government agencies and Businesses used the B21 robot in their research.  As such, many conducting research today will find references to this robot in various papers, even in ROS.  When we checked, not much information is available on the web for the robot itself. 
This created a lack of information that we will attempt to address. 

We have created three videos covering the B21 Mobile Robot. 

For the Right: 

Click here for the Rumble Introduction to the B21 robot. Part 1. 
Click here for the Rumble B21 robot base. Part 2. 
Click here for the Rumble B21 robot enclosure. Part 3. 

For the Left: 

Click here for the YouTube Introduction to the B21 robot. Part 1. 
Click here for the YouTube B21 robot base. Part 2. 
Click here for the YouTube B21 robot enclosure. Part 3. 

Here are some B21 Museum images.

We will also provide a few selected pictures for public use. 
These Public Use images will have a green screen for changing its background. 

Green Screen-Right3 Green Screen-Right Green Screen-front-open Green Screen-Side Green Screen-front Green Screen-front2. Green Screen-side-2 Green Screen-controls

To use the green screen background images of the B21 Robot for any use, we only require an attribution for the image. 
Please use:
"RWI B21 Robot.  Photo by CYCOGS® LLC.   © 2022 "  

Other B21 Robot pictures below will retain the CYCOGS Copyright protection. 

Please note this B21 robot is one of our museum pieces, and we do not plan on modifying it, operating it, parting it out, etc.  It is in great shape, but it would require a rebuild and detailed inspection to verify and test its operation.  Plus, we feel we do not have all the original software, and skimpy on the CAD, wiring and circuit diagrams, and complete operating manuals. 

In an effort to document the robot, we have created, with a bit of unsupported details and some fiction thrown in, a RWI B21 Robot Specifications file.  Please let us know if you have questions or if you can provide more information. 

We have capability for rebuilding or upgrading your B12, B14 and B21 robots, and if you would like us to rebuild or upgrade your system, let us know.  We have sourced many parts and components, including tire retreads, belt replacements, slip rings, etc. 

It would make a nice ROS platform using modern electronics and computers. 
If you wish to dispose of yours, let us know. 

B21 images below are under CYCOGS copyright. 

B21 Base no panelsB21 Base WA.B21 upside down Base and wheelsB21 Base panel front B21 Base plus SickB21 upper panel.B21 upper panel backB21 24 pin connector B21 Base and SickB21 upper Enclosure no panelsB21 Upper ControlsGlamor B21-computer bay Glamor B21-Front-Thumb

If you encounter any questions relating to our B21, and the museum videos and images, please let us know. 

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